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Post-Production Workshops Are Here! Sign up now!

Production classes begin on March 14th, 2017  8:00 pm.  Each class is a suggested donation of 10 dollars. All proceeds from the classes will go towards the production costs of the actual film. Each dollar helps bring this film from the editing table to your screen.

Registration is easy! Just fill out this form and bring it to the class: Workshop Registration 2017 Sign-Up Form

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Location: 615 W. Boro St Kaysville
Classes start at 8 pm


March 14: Editing

True (Nit &) Grit
Workflow/Ingest, The NLE Interface, Logging
Telling your story through editing – story sequences, pacing, etc
Special Guest- Tanner Christensen (Cokeville Miricle, Ephraim’s Rescue, and dozen others!)

March 21st: Music & Sound

Sound Design: It makes all the difference!
Special Guest- Jeff Meacham (A local sound design genius!)

March 28th: Cinematic Music Creation 

Making or breaking with music.
Special Guest- Nathaniel Drew

April 4th: VFX

VFX tools, techniques, workflow
Special Guest- Jarom Sidwell

April 25th: Distribution

Digital package, Prints & Ads, Festival circuit, Platform release, etc
Special Guest- Brigham Taylor

1 Workshop $10

5 week 1 course pass $50

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