Community Film Project

The art of neighborhood filmmaking…









Erin is a fun loving 6th grader.  She has found a love of acting and has been in a variety of short projects but Before Your Time is her first principle role in a full length film.  She has enjoyed her experience as Livie Foster and loves her film family.  Erin loves art and studies violin and Mandarin Chinese.








Dan Jacobs is a lover of one woman and father of four young boys. He lived much of his childhood in Europe and loves everything about the continent except their politics.  Dan is an aging athlete who enjoys anything to do with sports and seemingly likes to injure himself nearly daily attempting to relive the “glory days”.  He obtained enough education to allow him to work in finance and credit.  He once fancied himself a thespian and opera singer but acting upon sound advice didn’t give up his day job.  He tinkers at the piano, has become a semi-professional soccer spectator, enjoys doing dishes, writes for an all women’s blog (no joke) and eats too many carbs. He is very excited to portray the role of a grumpy father in the upcoming Blockbuster Smash movie “Before Your Time” since in his case it is more a way of life than acting after all.








Janie Wyatt Wilkinson, who has in the past been seen in various stage productions locally and for the LDS Church, has been absent from the stage for a number of years as she raised her children. Besides theater, Janie is an accomplished public speaker, conducts workshops on etiquette, both social and business, is an RN, and is currently managing her husband, Clark Wilkinson’s, Mayoral campaign.  She is grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Community Film Project’s maiden voyage, and loved playing the lovable, eccentric Norah! “Thank you Lucas, cast, and crew for making this such a choice, memorable experience. May CFP flourish and continue bringing the art of film to the community level!”


Karlie Matthews (Marketing Director/Singer/Songwriter/Actress): Karlie is a Kaysville born singer-songwriter who has recently left the mic behind to start a career in marketing. She is passionate about music and film and is excited to use her talents and abilities for the Community Film Project. When Karlie isn’t at her work desk you’ll usually find her with her husband and dog on a hike or in the kitchen trying out new recipes.








Sarah Penner began her acting career at age 12, and hasn’t stopped since. She was heavily involved in theatre throughout her high school years, and is currently attending Southern Utah University to study Theatre Arts. Before Your Time was Sarah’s first exposure to film, and she is so grateful for the opportunity she had to step outside of her comfort zone and be a part of something so wonderful. She is very excited about this movie, and is immensely grateful for all the support she’s received from family, friends, and especially the cast and crew. When Sarah isn’t on stage, you can usually find her settling down with a good book or watching Star Wars on repeat with her friends and family. She currently resides in Cedar City, and is proud to be a Thunderbird! Sarah plans on obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from SUU, and then will continue on to become a Broadway actress.