Community Film Project

The art of neighborhood filmmaking…



All donations and funds go directly to making a feature film.
Here is a list of Rewards you can get for donating.

* Each successive package includes the previous package benefits

Cost Package  *
$1.00 Unlimited Fist bumps with the group at anytime.
$5.00  Cool Wristband
$15.00 Name in the Credits under “Awesome People Who Care”
$25.00 2 tickets to the film
$50.00 DVD, Two Tickets to the Movie
$65.00 Blu Ray, Digital Download
$75.00 Mug, Poster
$100.00 Sponsor Space on the T Shirt,
$250.00 Online Sponsor Space, Trailer/shorts Sponsor Space, Facebook
$500.00 Program / Poster Sponsor Space, Sponsor Frame in the Premiere of the Film.
$1,000.00 Small video Ad, Prime Sponsor Space, and we’ll take you to lunch and the movies.

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